Controlled Substances Validation CE

“Validation of Controlled Substances Prescriptions.”. CE – Mandatory for Florida. All New for Current Relicensure Requirements & for the Current License Period.


Our “Controlled Substances Validation” CE program provides 2.0 contact hours (0.2 CEUs) of continuing education credit. We focus on processes & strategies required by the Florida Board of Pharmacy.

The State of Florida has been “out front” in developing what is actually a model for this whole area of consideration. The program is called Validation of Prescriptions for Controlled Substances.
Areas of discussion are:

  • Ensuring access to controlled substances for all parties with a valid prescription.
  • Use of the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program’s Database.
  • Assessment of prescriptions for appropriate therapeutic value.
  • Detection of prescriptions not based on a legitimate medical purpose.
  • The laws and rules related to the prescribing and dispensing of controlled substances.

Our updated home study correspondence lesson allows you to conveniently and easily fulfill your state’s requirement. Simply read and study the material, and then send back the answers to the quiz that is included.

CE PRN® Pharmacy Continuing Education Courses 2020, Controlled Substances Validation CE

Florida Validation of Controlled Substances Continuing Education – FL APPROVED

0798-0000-20-216-H08-P (for Pharmacists): November/December (2.0 Contact Hours)

We live in an “Opioid Crisis” where someone dies approximately every 7 minutes from drug overdose. So
just how do we end this “Opioid Crisis”, or at least, how do we as healthcare professionals contribute to
the progress of moving society in the right direction? In this monograph, we will review overall pain
management etiology; risk reduction strategies (psychological and opioid risk screenings, urine drug
monitoring, etc.), numerous non-pharmacological and pharmacological treatment options (with particular
attention on opioid medications), opioid overdose reversal treatments; along with not only how to identify
drug seeking and diversion behaviors, but possible actions to take when the behaviors are suspected. The
Florida PDMP known as E-FORCSE will of course also be discussed for its expected impact on adherence
and diversion. We will also review Federal and Florida specific controlled substance laws and trends such
as controlled substance classifications, prescribing authorities, the 2018 Florida Statue Update, the
naloxone standing order, and DEA Red Flags. Unlike opioids, this monograph is intended to open one’s
eyes, elevate blood pressure and/or heart rate, and increase cognition!

CE PRN® Pharmacy Continuing Education Courses 2019, Controlled Substances Validation CE

State of Emergency: An Opioid Loyal Nation in Crisis

0798-0000-18-158-H04-P (for Pharmacists); 0798-0000-18-158-H04-T (for Technicians) February (2.0 contact hours)

Pharmacy has been thrust into the national spotlight as solutions are sought to manage the inappropriate distribution of prescription medications. This session seeks to explore various tools available to the pharmacy staff to combat illicit distribution, while maintaining appropriate and legitimate patient access to prescribed medications. The effectiveness and limitations of state Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs) are discussed in the context of “red flag” behaviors that may suggest inappropriate distribution. The session further seeks to identify current trends in the use and misuse of controlled substances from multiple professional, sociological, and regulatory perspectives. The role of opioid antagonists, such as naloxone, is discussed in the context of rapidly changing clinical and regulatory environments. This course meets the requirement for the Florida Board of Pharmacy Validation of Controlled Substances credit for pharmacists.