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Whole Patient Care & Diabetes: Recent Updates and Practice Changes

0798-0000-19-067-H01-P (for Pharmacists): 0798-0000-19-067-H01-T (for Technicians) April (2.0 Contact Hours)

Pharmacotherapy for diabetes is a rapidly evolving field. With new agents coming to market and emerging results of cardiovascular trials, medication selection has become increasingly complex. Accordingly, providers rely on pharmacists as medication experts to guide patient-centered decision making.

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Crossing the T – Male Hormone Replacement Therapy

0798-0000-19-199-H07-P (for Pharmacists); 0798-0000-19-199-H07-T (for Technicians) November/December (1.0 contact hours)

When clinically warranted, the topical use of testosterone replacement can be an effective treatment in males with hypogonadism.  Various commercially available products exist, but occasionally the need for specialty compounding arises.  This session seeks to evaluate the prescribing of testosterone replacement therapy and explore the appropriateness of specialty compounding.  Challenges of compounding a topical testosterone replacement therapy and patient counseling points are identified and extrapolated for ‘best practice’ recommendations.  This program has been ACPE accredited as a ‘compounding’ program.