0798-0000-20-230-H07-P (for Pharmacists): 0798-0000-20-230-H07-T (for Technicians) September (1.0 contact hour)

Sterile compounding is a unique and critical skill of both pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. In order to become proficient in such skills, it is crucial to have a thorough understanding of the supplies and materials utilized when compounding sterile products. Not every pharmacist responsible for compounding sterile products or overseeing the sterile compounding process may have the necessary level of foundational knowledge or experience needed, thus a foundational review of compounding supplies will be beneficial to those who find themselves in these roles. Similarly, many pharmacy technicians responsible for compounding sterile products but are who inexperienced in this area will likely benefit from a thorough review of available compounding supplies. This activity is designed to introduce the learner to the some of the supplies used to compound sterile products. It will provide thorough descriptions of these supplies and aid the learner in understanding how to both select and use the appropriate supplies when engaging in sterile compounding activities. Additionally, it will address pertinent safety concerns that arise when working with such supplies.