0798-0000-18-259-H07-P (for Pharmacists); 0798-0000-18-259-H07-T (for Technicians) January (2.0 contact hours)

USP 800 is a new enforceable USP standard that is currently official and takes effect in July 2018. However, some states, such as California, have implemented USP 800 requirements already. Since compliance may require construction and/or significant changes to the pharmacy workflow, it is important that pharmacists start determining what is required for them to comply. USP 800 is a safety standard that resembles OSHA requirements more than the typical USP compounding standards. Therefore, it can be intimidating for a pharmacist to work through hazardous drug language that they are not typically accustomed to. This course provides an overview of USP 800 requirements and discusses how they impact pharmacy practice in various settings.